OpenSidewalkMap Data Quality Tool

This Section is dedicated to find errors in the Features of interest in the Context of OSWM project.
In some cases it's a clear mistake, but it can be just a mispelling or an uncommon value

currently, there are the categories presented at the table,
each one with the number of occurrences that are item-wise detailed at each link
you can post suggestions at repo "issues" section

Category Sidewalks Crossings Kerbs
improper_keys 25 0 95
uncanny_keys 73 0 7
keys_without_wiki 2 0 0
replaceable_values 0 238 0
wrong_mispelled_or_unlisted_values 43 2 15
invalid_characters 0 0 3

The information here can be outdated
here you can check the last update and read more about this

About Each category:

improper_keys : Keys that (almost certainly) shouldn't be used at that feature type
uncanny_keys : Keys that may be OK in some specific situations, but may be a mistake
keys_without_wiki : Keys that may be wrong, because there's no wiki article for it
replaceable_values : values that are not wrong, but there's a better option that is in the commentary
wrong_mispelled_or_unlisted_values : Values that are probably wrong, but they may be mispelled or just unlisted
invalid_characters : characters that should not be in the value or in the key

in a future topological and geometric errors may be included!!